Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Care at Voorhees Pediatric Dentistry

As your pediatric dentist in Voorhees NJ, we are excited to welcome you to Voorhees Pediatric Dentistry, where we brighten young smiles. Dr. Dan Dinowitz and our team are here to provide exceptional dental care in a super cozy and fun environment for your kids. Starting dental care early sets the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our dentist offers personalized and gentle care for your child, from their first tiny tooth to braces and beyond.

When to Schedule a First Dental Visit?

Ensuring a healthy smile begins earlier than you may realize! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises that children visit a pediatric dentist by their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth emerging. These initial appointments establish a dental home for your child, where Dr. Dan Dinowitz can monitor development, prevent problems, and forge a connection that fosters your child's comfort with dental care.

What Happens at Pediatric Dental Exams?

Your child will fly with us at Voorhees Pediatric Dentistry during each dental exam! Each visit offers:

  1. 1. Dental Cleaning: Discover our hygienist's gentle touch and advanced cleaning techniques to help your child's smile shine bright! Plaque and tartar don't stand a chance!
  2. 2. Digital X-rays: With minimal radiation exposure, X-rays can be a helpful tool in uncovering hidden issues that may require prompt attention.
  3. 3. Oral Evaluation: Dr. Dan Dinowitz carefully examines your child's dental health, looking for any possible issues.
  4. 4. Fluoride Treatment: Adding a final touch of neutral sodium fluoride treatment helps strengthen enamel, offering extra protection against cavities to keep your child's smile healthy and strong!

Voorhees Pediatric Dentistry — A Comfortable Dentist Office

At Voorhees Pediatric Dentistry, we get it—picking a dentist for your child is a big deal. That's why we provide dental care in a bright, welcoming setting. Our children’s amenities include: 

  • Ceiling-mounted TV streaming services in the treatment rooms: Patients can enjoy their favorite shows or movies during their appointments, helping to distract and relax them during dental procedures.
  • Sensory pillows: Designed to provide comfort and relaxation, sensory pillows offer additional support and tactile stimulation for patients during treatment.
  • Flavors of toothpaste: Patients can choose from a variety of toothpaste and fluoride flavors to make their dental cleaning experience more enjoyable, including flavors such as strawberry, bubblegum, and even marshmallow! 
  • Prize Towers: After their appointment, patients can choose a special reward from our Prize Towers. This fun incentive encourages children to look forward to their visits and enjoy a sense of accomplishment for taking care of their dental health.
  • Sticker and Tattoo Station: Patients of all ages can pick from a variety of stickers and temporary tattoos at our Sticker and Tattoo Station. It's a delightful way to add a bit of fun to their dental visit and celebrate their bravery and cooperation.

We also provide amenities for parents, including:

  • Coffee: Parents can enjoy complimentary coffee while waiting for their child's appointment to begin, helping them relax and unwind.
  • Water bottles: Hydration is important, so we offer water bottles so that parents can stay refreshed during their visit.
  • Charging Stations: Charging stations equipped with various charging cables so parents can recharge their devices while they wait.

Start Early With Dr. Dan Dinowitz

Come be part of our family at Voorhees Pediatric Dentistry, where every visit is an opportunity to bring on smiles! Schedule your child's appointment today and enter the world of child-centered dental care in Voorhees, NJ. Let's team up to keep those precious smiles healthy for years to come!